80% off at Bulenox

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80% discount at Bulenox! Bulenox Nov. 22 80%…


I just grabbed one of these. The combination of the discount bringing a $50k account down to only $30, it being lifetime and not 1st month only, and Bulenox doing a one-time $148 fee for the funded, is a winner to me. I’m still hoping to see LeeLoo do something really crazy cheap tomorrow on actual Black Friday, but regardless this is too good to pass up, at least for one account.


Now I’ve seen the leeloo deal is not very good I think i will get one with bulenox. Ive never used them before, are they good? Reliable?


I also want to know this. Price seems good.

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My experience with a Bulenox eval was good. I didn’t get it to funded, but I had no problems with the eval portion. Account was set up right away, they use Rithmic like everyone else, support was reachable, etc. I know a few people who are funded with them at various stages along the path to withdrawal, and I’m starting a new eval with them now so will see if I can get this one to withdrawal.