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what is trade copying?

Trade copying means trading multiple accounts at the same time, where any trades taken in a “parent” account, are duplicated in the “child” account(s). This way you can trade say one small account, but get a scaled result without having to trade more size, take more risk, etc.

Some platforms have this ability built in, such as Sierra Chart and Quantower, others such as NinjaTrader and Jigsaw, rely on 3rd party solutions.

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Trade copiers are really great but only if you know wtf you’re doing. Otherwise you’re just giving a chainsaw to a chimp. They will multiply both your wins and your losses so yeah it cuts both ways. But if you have a really consistent strategy and you are good at following it, they can be great.

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Really good points @K-Nine, copiers are very much like power tools. They are extremely dangerous If they are not in the hands of trained professionals who know how to work with them. :+1:

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I’m strating to think maybe Apex is a better choice. The Leeloo sales don’t seem so great but I don’t like that Apex only gives you a few micros. What do you all think about that? Can you pass these things with just a few micros at a time?

People need to learn about leverage. That’s what we’re talking about here. Micros, minis, whtever who cares. You can pass these things with either one it all depends on your strategy. If you plan to just scale in forever until you win, then you’re gonna lose either way. But if you’re smart and know how to play the probabilities off of say value areas, VWAP, VPOC, etc. then you can find an edge and make it work.

Main thing is the trailing drawdown that will kill you. Dont let winners go against you. If you do, you can be profitable and still lose! Think about it. If you have $1500 trailing drawdown and you;re up $2k, then let it come down to being up $500, BOOM you are dead. you’re profitable, but you’re still dead!

Pay attention tot he math of it all and take your profits when you have them. Don’t get greedy. Don’t get desperate.

So if I want to swingtrade 1 micro I can do it?

There’s two different things being discussed here…

  1. @K-Nine brings up some extremely good points. We often discuss in TRG how important it is to “exit at P&L high”. By this we mean exactly what he’s said here, that you can “win” but still lose if you allow your P&L to pull back too far into your family gains. This is how the “unrealized” trailing P&L kills you. You think “It’s OK I’m still profitable!” but in reality you’ve just taken yourself out. Better to take profits if a trade seems like it may now go against you, then get in again if it still looks like there’s “more in the trade”. Greed will absolutely kill you in this game.
  2. @Matt your question is more to do with whether or not the company in question allows for holding trades past the close. I know LeeLoo allows you to hold up to I think it’s 3 micros overnight, I’m not sure about Apex off the top of my head, but check out their website and see what it says about this. Keep in mind though that holding futures overnight can carry a lot of risk if you aren’t very comfortable with them, so you might not want to start out with that approach.