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A mate of mine sent me the link to Apex Trader. Are they for real? They offer to teach you their systems and give you money to trade. Is that right? Seems too good to b true. :thinking:

I have traded evaluations with Apex, though I have not personally been funded with them yet (I’ve been funded with LeeLoo, Bulenox, and SpeedUp so far). They’re definitely one of the more popular companies at this point. They are essentially a clone of LeeLoo Trading and have a lot of the same rules and policies.

Have a look at the EvaluRating table and also check out the review pages for both companies and see what you think!

Apex: Apex Trader Funding - MakeTicks
LeeLoo: LeeLoo Trading - MakeTicks

And of course check out all the other companies on the table while you’re at it, and see what qualities are most important to you. Nobody gets a perfect score in every possible category, that’s just the way it works! :smiley:

Oh also I forgot to mention, I’m not familiar with their educational material, but there is excellent free training available at and I highly recommend it!


Wow ok thats a lot. I’ll take a look at those links thank you for sharing. I will definitely look at that free course it looks dope. Im sure I’ll have more questions soon so I will post more after I do some reading.

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No problem @zeus, enjoy the course - it’s excellent!