Is free ninja good?

I am learning with the ninja trader free version and I wonder if it is enough. do i need something better? is it good or do i have to pay for the expensive version? i see some testing companies give free license?

Hello @Silver and welcome to the site.

NT is a good place to start with learning technical analysis, but the free version I believe is limited to only end-of-day data, so you will not be able to use it for daytrading without paying money. However, many of the evaluator companies provide free licenses if you are doing an eval or are funded with them, so you might want to look into a company like LeeLoo for example, who are I believe running a 50% off sale right now: 50% off first month at LeeLoo - Flash Sale - MakeTicks

I personally use a free NT license from LeeLoo for just a couple of things I like in NT. For all my actual trading I use Sierra Chart which is a much (IMO) better platform overall

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I see thank you. i think I will start with a license from leeloo until i am ready for a better software.

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You’re very welcome.

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