Passed my eval today

LOL bragging rights? OK why not! :sweat_smile:

I caught a wicked short today. Got my profit target of over $3000 in one trade with 3 contracts in NQ. Now I have to get through the remaining days though. Hoping I can just take a small trade each day. I’m with Leeloo, I posted in that section.


Nice job. Now just don’t get too cocky with that funded account! :wink:

Have you decided if you’re going to go Investor or Accelerator?


haaha yeah I need to ease off a little when I get funded. Been working on passing one of these things for a little while now, and admit I got a little lucky passing it in one day this time. I can’t depend on luck thou.

I’m not that familiar with leeloo and their funded accounts i need to read up on it. Looks like there are pretty big differences. I guess if I go with the accelerator I get a 100k account but if I go investor I stay at the 50k like my practice account? I need to figure this all out but I have a few days to do it. Any advice?


Yes there are some critical differences to know between the Accelerator and Investor funded accounts. I’ve only done Accelerator with LeeLoo so far, but I think that for me the $625 drawdown is just a bit too tight, and I should instead go with the trailing drawdown. I’ll probably make that decision soon on a Black Friday sale.

Here is a page worth reading: