Where are the apps

I never heard of any of these trading softwares before except ninja. Where are all the mobile apps? I found this list and others but none of these apps are mentioned here.

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Welcome @Josh. Around here mostly we focus on the more “professional” trading platforms, especially those that support proper order flow data and trading. Mobile apps don’t generally do a very good job in this area. Plus you’re trading over wifi, which is also not generally a good idea for the active intraday trader.

That being said, there absolutely are people who trade with success on apps like Tradovate in particular (I see you posted there too but this may answer your question in that topic). The main problem I have personally with Tradovate and apps like it, is that they’re “cloud based” which means you are at the mercy of that platform’s connectivity and speed. There’s nothing you can do on your side to improve performance, unlike a non-cloud platform where you can get a lower-latency connection, faster computer, faster storage, etc. Cloud services are great for lots of things, but not for trading (at least not now, unless you pay huge costs for a truly professional service).

There’s a high-end company called Trading Technologies that does in fact make professional-grade mobile trading tools. They are super expensive, but there are reasons for that. To a certain degree, “you get what you pay for” and with TT, you get a lot so you pay a lot.

For the more casual trader, apps like RobinHood and all the others are fine, and very workable. But for what most of us are looking to do - day trading futures - they just aren’t up to the task.

Hope that helps!

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I see. This is a new world for me with all these things. Maybe I do need a new computer. Or upgrade what I have. Im’ not sure exactly what the requirements are. Will a decent gaming pc be good enough? Do I need a ton of screens? Don’t have a ton of cash to put into a new rig rn.

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I think people tend to assume trading requires a lot more power than it actually does. Today any decent PC is more than capable of running a good trading platform efficiently. The main things are to avoid loading tons of data (so don’t load 1 year of 1 minute bars, for example) or tons of drawings like support/resistance zones, ichimoku clouds, etc. etc.

The only time my platform ever bogs down is if I’m looking at lots of drawings on small timeframes over large periods of time. Anything Core i7 power or newer should absolutely be enough, and you don’t need a super GPU either unless you are going to connect lots of massively high-resolution displays. My GPU is an old GTX 1050ti and it works great with 2 displays.

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That’s really helpful thank you.