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Hey everyone, I’ve been trading stocks for a few years now and had my biggest win in a while, swing trading. I am thinking about swing trading in the futures. It seems much more complicated, but it’s more convenient for me. Is there anyone here trading their swing futures?

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I will sometimes hold overnight but not often. Too much uncertainty overnight imo especially recently. Anything can happen. I like being in and out in the same day. If you are new to futures I would suggest you don’t try to hold overnight. Learn first just day trading with a company like Leeloo. Topstep is good too but expensive. Apex is ok too. They all do sales a lot and you can get something pretty cheap. Don’t use real money when you are new.

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Welcome to the site @Matt. You can definitely swing trade futures, but as @K-Nine rightly pointed out, it can be very dangerous. Any global event (like, say, a stray missile landing in the wrong country…) can cause a sudden and totally unexpected violent move in the market. If it were to happen while you were asleep, it could wipe you out before you know it. I definitely agree to learn by intra-day trading, short time-frame. Most of my trades happen in the first hour for example.

Also, LeeLoo happens to be running a sale right now since it was mentioned… you can get 50% off, and there might be even better ones coming soon for Black Friday.

Here’s the latest one I believe:

Good luck!


Thank you both so much for your advice! <3

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Yeah no prob. If you’re good you can definitely swing a micro so maybe try that and see if it suits your strategy.