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Range Trading If you love nothing better than what everyone else considers “chop”, and while they whine about “we’re not going anywhere” you just keep stacking up the cash… then this is the place for you. Post about your approach to ranges here! Volume-Based Trading Do you trade based on Market Profile? Or maybe using a volume profile, delta profile, TPO, or anything else volume-based? Well then this is your place to hang out and talk about all things volume, great and small! Scalping If you don’t want to be in the market any longer than it takes to grab the easy money and get right back onto the sidelines, then you’re a natural scalper. Talk about what you do and how you do it here. Momentum Trading This category is for all things momentum. Stocks, futures, crypto, forex, whatever you trade… if you like it fast, this is the place for you. Discuss strategies, systems, and approaches here. Other Trading Systems If you use a system that didn’t fit any of the other categories, make a topic about it here! If we see a specific system get a lot of posts, we can give it a category of its own. Feel free to contact us if you think a new category is deserved. Swing Trading Prefer to hit it out of the park? Like playing the statistics around market profile range breaks? Sounds like the swing’s your thing! Discuss all things swing trading - both intraday and longer - here.
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